4 thoughts on “Para-Dreamer

  1. I have indeed had all kinds of para-dreams. In some, I experience, and in others, I’m investigating. I’m not sure which one I prefer. They’re never scary or even creepy, and for some strange reason they feel very much like it’s all a part of what’s normal. But even more notable, for me anyway, are the dreams of deceased loved ones where they feel more real than anything else in the dream. They have often looked much younger too. Of course, I’m one of those who thinks that’s their attempt to communicate. But it definitely is more rare than the other kind of dreams. I kind like these kinds of dreams tho. Dunno why…


  2. Yes, they do have the feel of being what’s normal. Maybe that’s why I’m not an investigator in these dreams…no need to investigate what is known. And the dreams of deceased loved ones…I can’t say I believe they are dreams. As you said Randy, they are rare and all too real and I do think they may be an attempt to communicate. I enjoy the para-dreams but when my deceased dad comes to me in a dream, I wake up bummed out when I realize he is gone from this plane.


  3. Yeah, I have the same reaction when I have one of those dreams that includes my father. I spent quite a bit of time trying to reach him through EVP, and I could never actually say I knew it was him. But in these so-called dreams, I’ve seen him a few times – so it’s satisfying, but it bums me out as well when it’s over.

    I’ve heard that resetting the vibrations can help us remember dreams better and more accurately, and when I do it, I find that to be true. But I’ve also been told that by controlling our personal vibrations before sleep, we can extend the dream experience and become even more of an active participant. Haven’t been able to do that, but the whole reset thing has definitely allowed for a better memory.


  4. I tried to reach my father through evp as well…he was not responsive but a couple of his close relatives were. As to extending the dream experience, with a little practice one can learn the techniques to stay in a lucid dream. Is this what you mean by resetting the vibrations? Lucid dreaming is an incredible experience if you can keep yourself from waking on the realization that you are dreaming.


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