Is Ghost Hunting Thinning The Veil Between Dimensions?

If you’ve been doing paranormal research seriously for any length of time then you have probably noticed that you are capturing more and better evidence as time passes.  Over time and serious investigation I believe you open a doorway or gateway to yourself as a means to an end for the spirits.  Communication or manifestation being the end result.  I think the entities have to be able to trust you to a certain point to put forth the energy needed to manifest. And your personal energy has a lot to do with that.  Why would they waste energy on someone who was just playing at ghost hunting or could not control their emotional fears and ran (run dude!) at the first creek of a floorboard or a shadow passing by?

Just think, ghost research has become so popular world wide and all these people are investigating and watching and listening very closely to what is going on around them–concentrating their energy to experience a paranormal occurance.  All this must create its’ own form of energy.  And if spirits need an energy source to manifest…well then…..

I think our persistance in exploring the field of survival after bodily death is thinning the veil between dimensions and other worlds.  And I’m not just talking about ghosts, I’m talking about ufo’s and aliens, bigfoot, mothman, residual and object hauntings, attachments, psychic phenomena in all it’s beautiful range. The list could go on.

My experience thus far leads me to believe I have definately been noticed by our friends on the other side and that I am gaining their trust in my pursuit of answers as well as trying to get it out there and let people know what I am finding and feeling.  In fact, it’s getting to the point where I can capture evp almost anytime I turn on my recorder, wherever I may be.  I’m not saying everywhere I go is haunted but that it doesn’t seem to matter where you are if you have established a link.  And if they (the entities) can read minds like I feel they can, then they know ahead of time when you are going to record, film, take pictures, whatever. If you’ve ever gotten an answer before you asked the question, you get what I’m saying about the mind-reading.  Of course this phenomenon may have something to do with the discoveries in string theory or more recently m-theory but I’ll not get into that here.

I’ve read and heard of others worrying over this, bothered by seemingly becoming noticed by our deceased friends.  I say, don’t worry…that’s what you’re doing this for right?  To establish some sort of communication?  To find out what’s going on, figure out how any of this is even possible?  You should feel good about yourself for gaining the trust of the spirit world and opening up mentally and emotionally to their communications. If you keep the positive and respectful personal energy flowing then you will be a successful paranormal investigator- that is, if you stick it out, open the portal and establish the link.

If you are capturing more and increasingly better evidence as you explore and research, then I believe you are helping to thin whatever is separating us from profound and skeptic-convincing discoveries.

But this is just what I know to be true from my perspective and is just one of my theories.

Now I want to know if you have experienced some of these things in your investigations of the unknown.


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9 thoughts on “Is Ghost Hunting Thinning The Veil Between Dimensions?

  1. Well, I don’t know where to begin, which means I’ll just ramble, but… I must say that I think we may have been cut from the same bolt of cloth. Our thoughts are not identical (thank God), but they are definitely very similar. It’s always incredibly reaffirming when you run across someone who has arrived at basically the same ideas on his/her own. We all need to be supportive of one another whenever we find kindred spirits among our ranks. At times, this can actually be a lonely field for someone who “thinks,” but after reading this, I feel a little less lonely.

    Let me just say one thing though – while I am not certain that the veil is thinning for all of humanity, I am definitely convinced it has thinned for many. And your conjectures as to why make sense to me. There are so many more questions than we can even hope to have answers for, but one thing seems crystal clear to me. They are there, and if we’re open, communication is not only possible, it’s normal.


  2. It made me feel very good when I read your response to this post. It can certainly be a lonely field, especially when you see other investigators tromping down the same old beaten path, doing what they have seen on some para tv show and doing little if no thinking on their own. My mind is always working on these ideas even subconsciously I think. I do know one thing…I’ve got to get your books Randall…Randy?

    And yes I do think the communication is normal, that’s why I can’t stand the word paranormal but find I almost have to use it for lack of a better word.


  3. Spirits do exist…no doubt and some do not leave, especially when you have an egomaniac one. Quite a few women being visited by this one. Michael needs to cross over.


  4. I had an investigation team for a short time. In the time I was involved we had some extremely intense and undeniable experiences right down to a full body apparition. My apartment was like grand central station. I even captured the shadows we were seeing on video. It got so intense I had to step away from it. Now I think I’m beginning to understand why the things we weren’t seeing before are becoming apparent now. Yes, more people are aware so more likely to notice subtle para events due to the widespread phenomenon of investigating. But our world is also changing. The energetic vibration is changing. This goes right down to the level of matter itself which is changing its frequency. This is the “thinning of the veil” in my opinion. Some who weren’t capable of detecting the subtle world of disembodied souls are now becoming capable. So much is happening.


    1. Yes, Jean, I completely agree with your thoughts on this phenomena…so much is changing and we are becoming more in tune with these higher vibrations and frequencies. People want to know and they are finding ways of getting there.


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