~Scattered Words~

I read through all the words scattered at my feet, then looked up at you.

What? Do you expect me to do with all those things, scattered as they are.

Vowels lay on their sides, ands ifs and buts fought for a space among the verbs.

Question marks and exclamation points stabbed at the dirt and periods fell from the sky.

What? Do you expect me to do with all those things, out of place as they are?

I read all the words scattered as they were, and gathered their meaning to my heart.

I know What to do with you, I said, as a “fuck slipped through my fingers to land on a you” wedged in the earth.

~©Jazzi Ryan Ranes~

Published by Jazzi Ryan Ranes

Disseminator of anomalous information. Curator of Letters, Word Maker, Poet, Freethinker.

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